Giving more: my goal for 2017

For a few years I’ve followed the work of Peter Singer and others who promote Effective Altruism – the idea that we have a moral obligation to give resources to good causes, and that we must do so in the most effective way possible (not just based on organisations with the best marketing or personal resonance). I may have some critiques of it, but overall it’s a concept I strongly agree with. In the past I’ve never been in a position to do much practical about this, but no longer! It’s time for me to put theory into practice.

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Doing more good in the new year

A brief glance at the history of this blog will show a sporadic (about once every 6 months) attempt to write things, often badly worded, on the subject of “doing good things”.

For quite a while now, I’ve been struggling with finding a way to do more good with my life. At various points I’ve had small answers for myself: when I was a bit younger, it was doing a sponsored thing for a charity, studying ethics as part of my Philosophy degree, running a student volunteering group. Then it was trying to find a “good” organisation to work for – what mission, which sector, what cause? Education popped up again and I thought a masters in Sustainability would give me more direction. Lots of little things, at lots of little points in time.

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